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cosmos essence

Flowers & Brandy to find the right words
and trust in power itself
Pen strikes in motel bathrooms
A long walk from the lake

While the others sleep
resting chemistry

Here where there have been other transformations
Only months ago as their piercing eyes gripped her soul
Not here, but there
In the park where there are transformations

Where once there was a search for truth
Where once was catharsis
Wherever is growth is death
Now there are words

Think again how souls rise and sink
Read of order, dancing words
The order of expression
The spirit that travels without a sound



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note to self

get your head out of the clouds. those words on paper sit and waste away. they say the cycle is generate, conceptualize, optimize, implement. time to play implementer.

keep your wits through this explosion. they want to tell you how to think. do not struggle. listen, understand, adapt. do not let any sliver of your mind, body, spirit be co-opted. there is only inner truth. it must remain pure.

do not censor yourself mute. speak here, now, without fear.


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Friction Freedom



freedom feeling that i almost forgot
then suddenly i’m flying
the mechanics & the philosophy & the physics
are sliced away
the coefficient of friction dwindles with each movement
& i am drifting freely
the world melts away

pure and at mercy
and you know and i know
the forces you exert are out of your own control
and i am subject to the laws of motion
simply matter and mass

those moments
when laws are defied
when suddenly i’m punching out of my weight class
when your forces disintegrate

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